About the Cattery


Cats only boarding. Cranmore Cattery, Guildford, Surrey and London Surrey


About the cattery

The cattery is located in the heart of the Surrey countryside, in a particularly quiet and rural setting.

A very important feature of Cranmore Cattery is that we do not board dogs. Therefore the cats are not disturbed or frightened by barking.

This is very important as although many cats will learn to live happily with their own family dog, it is a very different matter when perhaps 30 or more dogs start barking in the kennels. When cats are in such an environment they often become stressed and therefore lay themselves open to contagious diseases such as Cat Flu.

We take hygiene very seriously, all cat pens are washed with disinfectant after each cat leaves. Litter trays are disinfected every morning and changed twice daily.

Each cat pen is separated by a solid partition board one meter tall, above this up to ceiling height is steel galvanized mesh. This design is highly important to have as it acts as a sneeze barrier between pens also each cat cannot see its neighbour at floor level. Most cats need this privacy (please look at our gallery for more detail).

Each sleeping compartment is fitted with an electric tubular heater to maintain a cosy temperature in the winter.

From May to October each cattery building has an open steel mesh front. During the winter months the buildings have transparent polycarbonate weather sheeting fitted over the fronts to keep out wind and rain but still allowing plenty of natural light.

Not all catteries fit weather sheeting during the winter for your cats comfort.

At Cranmore Cattery the cats are looked after by the same people every day.

A large proportion of our customers board with us regularly, therefore the cats settle quickly and we get to know their likes and dislikes.